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The financial ramifications of divorce can be quite devastating, but with proper planning and expert help from a divorce financial planner, you can create a financially equitable divorce settlement and make sure you have the tools necessary to rebuild financially after the divorce is final.

If you are contemplating a divorce or know of someone who may be, before jumping into the complex financial maze of divorce, call the Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado to schedule a confidential consultation.

Divorce Financial Planning

People often need assistance when it comes to the many financial issues they will face when getting a divorce. Our professionals can assist in creating property division and maintenance scenarios and provide Child Support calculations and assist in budget preparation.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation, in addition to being substantially less costly, affords you and your spouse control over your family’s future. Together you and your spouse, rather than judges or attorneys, will make the choices that will best serve you and your family in the future.

Divorce Mediation Is Confidential- Pursuant to Colorado law, all of your settlement discussions in divorce mediation are strictly confidential. This makes mediation a “safe” process in which you are able to become educated with regard to your current and future financial situations. Additionally, you are able to consider options and alternatives in mediation without fear that your comments, questions or concerns might be used against you in court or elsewhere.

Divorce Mediation is Private – Your very personal financial and emotional circumstances remain private, rather than being disclosed in attorney’s offices, court documents or in court itself.

With expertise in the financial and tax aspects of divorce, and family systems, mediators at the Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, LLC, can guide you (and your spouse or co-parent) to identify and create your own solutions that help to meet your needs and the needs of your children.

Collaborative Divorce in Colorado - A New Model

Does it really make sense to have someone in a black robe deciding what your financial future will look like after your divorce? Or to decide how your children will be parented and raised as they grow up? Of course it doesn’t!

No matter what happens after you are divorced, your children will only ever have one Mom and one Dad. How sad it would be if your child did not want to go to their own graduation because both of you will be there, and maybe with a significant other? The Collaborative divorce model offers a proven process to restructure your family by resolving the issues of your divorce with respect and dignity and OUT OF COURT.

Unlike a traditional litigated divorce case, which often leaves families financially and emotionally devastated, the Collaborative divorce promotes a “WIN-WIN” outcome. It provides both parents powerful tools to be able to effectively co-parent after the divorce is final; and, with the guidance of trained professionals, you decide the financial outcome of your divorce.

In Collaborative divorce, each of you is represented by a trained Collaborative lawyer to provide advocacy and guide you through the divorce process. In addition, depending on the specifics of your case, there may also be a need for a financial divorce specialist, a child specialist, and/or a divorce coach to assist you in making informed decisions about all aspects of your divorce. At Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, LLC, we work with you to analyze your current financial situation, create financial and tax scenarios to help you resolve the financial issues of your divorce. If you would like more information about the Collaborative divorce model, please give us a call at 303-468-5626. You can also visit the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Practitioners website www.coloradocollaborativedivorceprofessionals.com and the www.collaborativepractice.com website.

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Post Divorce Financial Planning
The affects of a divorce last long after the decree. People often need help with implementing their Separation Agreement, dividing investment and retirement accounts, implementing and monitoring monthly budgets and changing beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement accounts. Contact us for more information.

Attorney Resources

In addition to the services we provide to divorcing couples and individuals, we also provide the following valuable resources to attorneys specializing in family law: 

  • Gathering, organizing and presentation of 16.2 disclosures
  • Assist clients in the preparation of the Sworn Financial Statement
  • Pension Valuation   
  • PERA 
  • CSRS / FERS 
  • Military Pension 
  • Private Sector 
  • Social Security
  • Modeling property division scenarios
  • Modeling maintenance scenarios
  • Estimating tax ramifications of settlement options 
  • Assisting clients in the creation of realistic forward-focused budgets
  • Hedge fund issues in the context of marital dissolution
  • Valuation of Executive compensation, including stock options
  • Asset tracking and income analysis
  • Financial Mediators  
  • Qualified Expert Witnesses

Your Divorce Can Create Empowering Choices!